Software Consultant

Developing client facing APIs for scalable generation of STEM diagrams.

Technical Facilitator

Delivering training to 500+ students (11-17 year olds). Facilitate lab activities and manage guest speakers.


Assisted Living Robotics

A serious robotics project on autonomous movement and localisation, with a less than serious writeup.

Discord CMS

Enable multiple people to mange the same messages on Discord!

The joy of LaTeX

My first attempt at properly typesetting a document, along with writing up an academic CV during my degree.

Web Dev

Developing my own Gatsby static site, hosted on Netlify and backed by Contentful.


Event Organizer

Developing a suite of applications to enrich Discord as an online event platform.

Event Infrastructure

Building and maintaining an online developer platform for 50 + users throughout the week long event.

Logistics lead

Managing finances and event logistics.